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Collateral Investigator is a turbo-charged bundle of FNC’s most powerful analytics tools -- Appraisal Score, Property Scan, and QC Vigilance – that enables you to accurately and easily review all the properties backing your loans. Ideal for reviewers, underwriters, and QC professionals, Collateral Investigator provides crucial insight, empowering institutions to make informed decisions at critical junctures in the primary and secondary mortgage cycles. Order our state-of-the-art appraisal review tools through your FNC Collateral Management System® (CMS®), through an interface to your own loan processing system, or online at CollateralDNA.com. Pre-funding and post-closing review is critical—now more than ever.

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A patented, consistent, predictable benchmark for appraisal review: Identify appraisals that need further review, while helping to ensure regulatory compliance and risk mitigation.

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Ideal for underwriters, reviewers, and quality assurance, quality control, or capital market groups, QC Vigilance helps you determine the credibility of the appraisal and whether the appraiser selected the most appropriate comparables.

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This review and reporting tool provides data on a subject property and its neighborhood when an appraisal is not yet available. With Property Scan™, you’ll view property characteristics, sales histories, tax information, a location map, neighborhood homogeneity and conformity measures, as well as details on land use, price, age, and recent foreclosure activity.

Collateral Investigator is fueled by FNC’s Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules (GAAR), the most thorough review tool available.

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For the first time ever, appraisal reviewers and underwriters can use state-of-the-art technology – GAAR® (the Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules™) -- to automate a thorough, pre-funding review, not only for compliance but also for underlying risk.

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