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Whether you are responsible for appraisal review, underwriting, or quality control, you need strong valuation data to make solid decisions. FNC’s solutions allow you the ability to provide consistent reviews for data integrity, and compliance with regulatory and internal credit policy.

Learn more about products geared specifically for the challenges you face when reviewing or underwriting a loan, or when completing QC:

Generally Accepted Appraisal Rules™ (GAAR®)> Learn More

For years, reviewers have relied on GAAR® and Collateral Management System® technology to automate a thorough compliance check for appraisals. Now, GAAR screens for underlying risk issues, too!

Appraisal Score> Learn More

Do you need a consistent, predictable benchmark for Appraisal Review? Then Appraisal Score, the nation’s first patented appraisal review tool, is the product for you.

QC Vigilance> Learn More

Throughout the review or underwriting process, you need to know whether or not an appraiser chose the most appropriate comparables when valuing the property. With a simple click, QC Vigilance enables you to visually compare the appraiser’s selected comps to recent or historic sales data from the National Collateral Database™.

Property Scan> Learn More

As one of FNC’s premier data and analytics products, Property Scan™ is a review and reporting tool that provides data on a subject property and its neighborhood when an appraisal is not yet available.

Appraiser Report> Learn More

Knowing the quality of an appraiser’s work can be difficult – especially if you’re working together for the first time. Enter Appraiser Report. Designed for lenders, Appraiser Report can access critical details about an appraiser’s work history and professional qualifications. With this tool, you can find ASC.gov and FHA information about an appraiser, as well as coverage information from FNC.

Market Report> Learn More

If you need to decide the value of a single-family residence or condominium, and you’re interested in determining the current state of the market, Market Report may be the tool you’re looking for. With Market Report, you receive statistics for both distressed and non-distressed markets across MSA, county, zip code, and U.S. census tract levels. See what else Market Report provides.

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