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With Wavelength lenders can easily monitor the performance of AVMs. Wavelength gives the lender the statistical process control tools to know in real time when the performance of an individual AVM or an AVM cascade fails to perform as originally designed.

Wavelength then provides the capability to replace the AVM with another AVM that will restore the performance of the cascade to the original standards.

FNC’s Wavelength Delivers the Answers

Wavelength seamlessly integrates into FNC’s CMS, performing automated checks of AVMs inside a lender’s valuation system using the lender’s own appraisal and AVM data.

Wavelength surveys both the hit rates and AVM value accuracy down to the zip code level and provides the lender with statistical tools to ensure that the performance of the AVM or cascade remains as designed. Further, it provides an interface to permit the lender to easily change any AVM or cascade for any lender-designed geographical region.

Smart. Accurate. Safe.

Wavelength’s smart, integrated, personalized functionality with AVMs is unique in the industry. With FNC’s Wavelength, you are ultimately in control—your footprint, your data, inside your platform—making the right value decisions every day -- based on your criteria.

What are Wavelength’s Unique Benefits?

  • Automates the collection of AVM and appraisal performance data
  • Monitors the AVM cascade in production with statistical process control techniques
  • Integrates simply into your CMS to communicate with all valuation services
  • Ranks accuracy and hit rates using real-time appraisal and AVM data

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Realize the efficiency of Wavelength today. Contact:
Pat Brown
Senior Leader, Sales Operations
Direct: 662-236-8180
Email: patrickbrown@corelogic.com
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