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The Collateral Management System® (CMS®)

FNC’s CMS has fundamentally changed real estate collateral valuation processing and review, helping lenders and others ensure compliance with regulatory guidelines while decreasing the overall process time and effort.

CMS enables you to automate the ordering, communication, and management processes associated with collateral valuation. CMS allows you to access the data stored in your collateral valuation documents, to automate compliance and risk checks, appraisal data validation, and to monitor the performance of your operations.

CMS enables you to:

  • Automate compliance
  • Mitigate risk
  • Eliminate manual operational process
  • Reduce costs, time, errors
  • Customize the system’s logic to streamline your workflow based on business rules
  • Centralize the storage of all valuation data
  • Ensure a consistent process across your enterprise

FNC offers wholesale and correspondent collateral solutions:

  • Detect signs of fraud and ensure compliance
  • Manage and evaluate loans on a flow basis or in bulk
  • Review collateral valuations prior to funding using automation
  • Standardize collateral review with all loan sellers or loan brokers

FNC's CMS solution also helps servicers:

  • Order valuation products, track the order, and enjoy a standardized, consistent, documented review, using the same set of rules across the board
  • Easily automate periodic value determinations on millions of loans at once
  • Manage increasingly higher volumes of loans in default and be confident in their values
  • Accelerate production without adding employees, saving both time and money
  • Quickly identify risk, ever changing markets, and foreclosures
  • Store your collateral data for secure, easy access and follow-up analysis
  • Use a centralized tool set—see a loan’s history, review results, and view products ordered on the loan, all at a glance
  • Enjoy expanded reporting capabilities—you’ll have current, accurate property data in seconds
  • Receive a valuation opinion early in the default process as a low-cost alternative to a BPO

As your portfolio manager, FNC’s Collateral Management System is exceptional on its own. Add its myriad of other benefits—workflow efficiency, standardization, centralization—and suddenly you gain a system that gives you the competitive advantage you need in this market.

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Realize the efficiency of CMS today. Contact:
Pat Brown
Manager, Contracts, & Reporting
Office: 662-236-8180
Mobile: 662-832-6593
Email: patbrown@fncinc.com
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